Selected Papers


by Mario Gargantini



Mr. Higgs’ statement against anti-religious fundamentalism, January 2013

Armstrong: the trip to the Moon and the anxiety to discover, August 2012

Higgs Boson: only the beginning of the adventure, July 2012

Journey to the center of the Moon, September 2011

A planetary meeting showed the Magi the way to Bethlehem, January 2011

What If We Were to Evolve from Scientism?
Traces, September 2009

When Nature Responds
Traces, September 2007

An Inexhaustible Desire Searching for Reality
Traces, October 2006

Knowing Man: A Question of Realism

Dna and the Mystery of Life, from Traces, July 2003


Science and Magisterium of the Catholic Church

in Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia of Religion and Science, Spring 2002


These Creative Physicists

from Traces, January 2001


The impact of New Technologies on the education of the young

Public Hearing, EC, Bruxelles, May 2001