Mario Gargantini





The Wonder That Inspired The Greatest Scientists Of All Time

In Their Own Words

by Marco Bersanelli and Mario Gargantini

Templeton Press – September 2009

The book offers a guided path through the human experience of scientific research, collecting personal passages from 120 great scientists from all times (among others: Galileo, Faraday, Mendel, Curie, Einstein, Shroedinger, Fermi, Severi, Lorenz, Feynman, Eccles). The reader is lead to rediscover science as an expression of human quest for ultimate meaning, and to realise how deep and unavoidable is the link between scientists’ motivation and the religious sense.


Mario Gargantini was born in Melzo (Italy) on  July 02, 1947.

In 1970 he graduated in Electronic Engineer from the Politecnico di Milano.

He taught Physics and Math in high school for twenty years and carried out research on science teaching and learning. He dedicated to the formation of teachers by being speaker in many professional courses organized by the Catholic University (Milan and Santa Fe – Argentina), the University of the Republic of San Marino, Irrsae Lombardia (Regional Institute of Educational Research) and Diesse (Association for Teaching Innovation).


Since 1979 he has worked as a scientific journalist, collaborating with several newspapers, magazines and websites.

In 1987 he won the Glaxo Award and in 1990 he won the Federchimica Award, both for science communication.

From 1990 to 2008 he was technical director of the magazines Automazione e Strumentazione and Chimica News, now published by Edizioni FieraMilano.

He undertook some collaboration with important companies such as Arthur Andersen, Hewlett Packard, Smau, the Beta80 Group, the Sec Group.

Since 1993 he has also been curator of 20 scientific exhibitions especially for the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples in Rimini.

He is one of the founders and the director of Emmeciquadro, a journal on science teaching.


He is lecturer in the Master on Science and Faith at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

He is also member of the UGIS Association (the Italian Scientific Journalists Association) and of the Euresis Association (Association for the Promotion of the Scientific Endeavour).


He is the author of the books:

I Papi & la Scienza, Jaca Book, Milan 1985 - an anthology of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church about science and technology;

Uomo di scienza, uomo di fede, ElleDiCi, Turin1991 – a collection of essays on relevant scientific and religious issues with a selection of emblematic scientists;

Solo lo stupore conosce (with Marco Bersanelli), BUR-Rizzoli, Milan 2003

La cultura scientifica nella scuola (editor), Marietti, Milan 2006 - essays on science teaching;


and he is the author of the e-book:

Automation Story, Editoriale Delfino, Milan 2014

and he is co-author of some other books, such as:

Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia of Religion and Science, edited by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti and Alberto Strumia, Urbaniana University Press and Città Nuova, Rome 2002. Mario Gargantini is the author of the articles: Science Communication, Magisterium of Catholic Church, Science Teaching, Max Planck;

Questione cristiana e coscienza ecologica (Morcelliana, Brescia 1988),

Habitat un ambiente per vivere (Jaca Book, Milan 1994),

Galileo Galilei tra realtà e mito (Itacalibri, Castel Bolognese 2000)

Con Galileo oltre Galileo, Sugarco Edizioni, Milan 2009.

Quale scienza per quale uomo - La sfida della biopolitica, Cantagalli, Siena 2010.





Professional Profile

Electronic Engineer - Physics Teacher - Scientific Journalist



Science Communication

Design - Direction - Editing - Assessment


  • Books
  • Multimedia
  • Training for teachers
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences

Fields of interest

Natural Sciences


History and Philosophy of Science




  • Books
  • Multimedia
  • Exhibitions
  • Training


·  Popes & Science

Anthology of the Catholic Teaching about Science from Pope Leon XIII to John Paul II

Jaca Book, 1985

·  Ecology and Christian Conscience

A. Caprioli and L. Vaccaro eds.

Contribute: The Christians and Environmental Themes

Morcelliana, 1988

·  Man of Science Man of Faith

Emblematic Characters and Problems

Elle Di Ci, 1991 (distributed by Itacalibri)

·  Habitat, an Environment to Live

Contribute: Clean Technologies: a Turn for Industry?

Jaca Book, 1994

·  Learning Physics: a Guided Re-invention Process

Maria Elisa Bergamaschini, Barbara Chierichetti, Antonella Campaner, Mario Gargantini, Patrizia Iotti, Paolo Marazzini, Marco Mauri, Lorenzo Mazzoni

Diesse 1997

·  Galileo, between reality and myth

A reader path

M.E. Bergamaschini, M. Gargantini, L. Mazzoni, G. Mangiarotti, F. Tornaghi

Itacalibri, 2000

·  Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia of Religion and Science

edited by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti e Alberto Strumìa

Urbaniana University Press and Città Nuova, Rome 2002

·  Scientific Culture and School

with contributes by: M. Bersanelli, G. Del Re, G.M. Prosperi, L. Mazzoni, M.E. Bergamaschini, M.C. Speciani, V. Demaldé

Marietti, Itacalibri, 2006

Magazines and Newspapers

·         Avvenire

·         Cultura Oggi

·         Emmeciquadro (Science, Education and Teaching)

·         Kos

·         Il Giornale

·         Il Nuovo Aeropago

·         Il Sabato

·         Insegnare Religione

·         Libertà di Educazione

·         L'Umana Avventura

·         Mondo Erre

·         Nuova Secondaria

·         Tracce


Pamphlets and Brochures

  • On Nuclear Energy

Edit, 1987

·         Teaching Science in Primary School

Diesse, 1989

·         The Waste Problem

Amsa, 1991

·         Talking or Doing Science?

Proceedings of the First National Congress of SEED (Science Education and Teaching)

Diesse, 1995


  • Galaxies Symphony

·         Planets Dance

·         A Wonderful Earth

·         The Greatness of Man

Set of Slides with Documentation

Diagroup Collection ElleDiCi , 1984




A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1990

with Mario Gallo

(to hire: Liceo Scientifico "Alexis Carrel", 02-4151517)

American Way of Research

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1992

with Carlo Sommaruga

The days of Wits

Eight Centuries of Techological Creativity in the European Middle Age

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1994

with Gian Luca Lapini and Antonio Prina

Advisors: Leo Moulin and Jean Gimpel

Let Know the Ways (Sci Vias)

The Paths of Simple People Showed by Hildegard of Bingen

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1996

with M. A. Crippa and Gian Luca Lapini

and with Centro Studi S. Ildegarda, Milan

Imago Mundi

The Image of the Universe through the Centuries

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1997

Coordination of the Exhibition performed by the Association Euresis

based on the book Imago Mundi (ed. Biblos - Padova)

by Francesco Bertola

Ready, start … go

Hypotheses and documents on the origin of Life

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1998

with Elio Sindoni and Paolo Tortora

and with Euresis

1799, the current was born

The Life and works of Alessandro Volta

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1999

with G. Bonera, E. Sindoni

and with Euresis

Galileo, myth and reality

Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, Rimini 1996

with M.E. Bergamaschini, S. Feliciani, L. Mazzoni, G. Mangiarotti, A. Poli, F. Tornagli

Truth Seekers

Aspects of the dialogue between scientists and the Church

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2003

Coordinator: Mario Gargantini

Staff: Raffaele Cossa, Gabriele Mangiarotti, Lorenzo Mazzoni, Franco Parrocchetti

Consultant: S.E. Mons. Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, padre George Coyne, prof. Luigi Negri, prof. Alberto Strumia, prof. Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

In cooperation with: Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican Observatory, Euresis Association

Einstein 1905. The genius at work

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2004

Coordinator: Mario Gargantini

Staff: Enrico Gamba, Giorgio Guidi, Michele Isacchini, Lorenzo Mazzoni, Luca Signorini

Scientific Consultant: Silvio Bergia

On the Giants Shoulders

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2005

Coordinator: Mario Gargantini

Staff: Marco Bersanelli, Nicola Sabatini, Elio Sindoni

Scientific Consultant: Alessandro Ghisalberti, Peter Hodgson, Paolo Ponzio, Alberto Strumia,Luca Tampellini

Why So Many Stars? The Milky Way Between Science, History and Art

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2006

Staff: Marco Bersanelli, Mario Gargantini, Davide Maino, Nicola Sabatini, Angela Sandrinelli, Elio Sindoni

Scientific Consultant: Francesco Bertola, Massimo Robberto, Giancarlo Conti, Marco Beghi

Light, Eyes, Meaning: the Human Experience of Seeing

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2007

Coordinator: Tommaso Bellini, Mario Gargantini

Staff: Marco Bersanelli  Alessandro Farini Sergio Musazzi Nicola Sabatini Cesare Sabato Giovanna Scarel Elio Andrea Soranno Mauro Ceroni Giorgio Maria Gabriella Signorini Maria Antonietta Crippa

Things never seen before. Galileo, the struggle and wonder of a new gaze on the universe   

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2009

Coordinator: Mario Gargantini

Staff: Marco Beghi, Benedetta Cappellini, Saul Garavaglia, Gianluca Lapini, Lorenzo Mazzoni, Sergio Musazzi, Nicola Sabatini, Angela Sandrinelli, Roberto Sanvito

Scientific Consultant: Piero Benvenuti,  Marco Bersanelli,  Gianni Bonera, Francesca Bonicalzi,  Paolo Musso,  Sergio Pagano, Rafael Pascual,  Cesare Pasini, Paolo Ponzio,  Melchor Sanchez de Toca y Alameda,  Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo,  William Shea, Elio Sindoni, Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti,  Pasquale Tucci, Yunli Shi

Is the Atom really indivisible? Questions and Certainties in Science   

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2011

Presented by: Associazione Euresis, Coordinator: Mario Gargantini

“What is man, that you are mindful of him?”. Genetics and human nature in the gaze of Jérôme Lejeune   

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2012

Presented by: Associazione Euresis, Coordinators: Mario Gargantini and Carlo Soave

Natural, artificial, cultivated. Man's age-old dialogue with nature   

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2013

Presented by: Associazione Euresis, Bassi Daniele, Gargantini Mario, Longoni Cesare, Morandini Piero, Sindoni Elio, Soave Carlo


Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2014

Presented by: Associazione Euresis

Mysterious is water   

Meeting for Friendship Amongst People, Rimini 2015

Presented by: Associazione Euresis, Fondazione Ceur, Ministero dell'Ambiente


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Irrsae Lombardia, Università Cattolica, Università Pontificia Salesiana, Nuova Secondaria, Diesse.