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The Wonder That Inspired The Greatest Scientists Of All Time

In Their Own Words

by Marco Bersanelli and Mario Gargantini

Templeton Press – September 2009

The book offers a guided path through the human experience of scientific research, collecting personal passages from 120 great scientists from all times (among others: Galileo, Faraday, Mendel, Curie, Einstein, Shroedinger, Fermi, Severi, Lorenz, Feynman, Eccles). The reader is lead to rediscover science as an expression of human quest for ultimate meaning, and to realise how deep and unavoidable is the link between scientists’ motivation and the religious sense.


Mario Gargantini was born in Melzo (Italy) on  July 02, 1947.

In 1970 he graduated in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.

He has been teaching Physics and Math in high school for twenty years and carried out research on science teaching and learning. He dedicated to teachers training by being speaker in many professional courses organized by the Catholic University (Milan and Santa Fe ? Argentina), the University of the Republic of San Marino, Irrsae Lombardia (Regional Institute of Educational Research) and Diesse (Association for Teaching Innovation).

Since 1979 he has worked as a scientific journalist, collaborating with newspapers and magazines: Avvenire, Il Giornale, Il Sabato, Kos, Class, Tempi, Qui Touring, He undertook some collaboration with important companies such as Arthur Andersen, Hewlett Packard, Smau, TXT e-solutions, Beta80 Group, Sec Group.

From 1990 to 2008 he was technical director of the magazines Automazione e Strumentazione and Chimica News, now published by Fiera Milano Media; he is a member of the Scientific Board of Automazione e Strumentazione.

He is one of the founders and the director of Emmeciquadro, a journal on science teaching.

He is the author of the books: Solo lo stupore conosce (Rizzoli-BUR, 2003), La cultura scientifica nella scuola (Marietti, 2006), From Galileo to Gell-Mann (Templeton Press, 2009), Automation Story (Editoriale Delfino, 2014), Scienziati in città (Editoriale Delfino 2018).

He has published essays and book chapters in: Habitat un ambiente per vivere (Jaca Book, 1994), Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia of Religion and Science, Urbaniana University Press and Città Nuova, Rome 2002), Capitale umano, tecnologia, innovazione (Cusl, 2004), Quale scienza per quale uomo? La sfida della biopolitica (Cantagalli, 2010), Le scienze tra arte comunicazione e progresso (Città Nuova, 2017).

Since 1993 he has been co-author of about twenty scientific exhibitions included: I giorni dell'ingegno (1994), Atomo: indivisibile? Domande e certezze nella scienza (2011), Gli oggetti del vivere, le tecnologie del fare (Ucimu? Sistemi per Produrre, 2012), Misteriosa è l'acqua (2015), WHAT ? What's Human About Technology? (2016).

In 1987 he won the Glaxo Award and in 1990 he won the Federchimica Award, both for science communication.

He is lecturer in the Master on Science and Faith at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He is member of the UGIS Association (the Italian Scientific Journalists Association) and of the EURESIS Association (Association for the Promotion of the Scientific Endeavour).




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